Readings for Lunch — [ 05 Apr 2016 ]


Some of the amazing illustrations for the short comic Petitleò e il magico turbante (Petitleò and the magic turban), that Maurizio created to explain his son what was going to happen once in hospital.


Epilepsy? Cut it out!

The story of Leonardo, a kid that despite his illness is always smiling. And how his medical condition has been tackled not only by the doctors, but also by his family.

If you want more informations, there is an entire website (in Italian) about the reasons behind this campaign:

THE CAMPAIGN fundraising

This campaign will help raise funds to support the Epilepsy Surgery Center “Claudio Munari” based in Milan, Italy.

The raised money will be used to advance their understanding of the causes of epilepsy, study new treatments, offer individualized and optimal care to adults and children, provide state-of-the-art diagnostic approaches and therapies, train the future epileptology specialists.