Readings for Lunch — [ 19 Dec 2018 ]

Visual markers for web performance timings in Chrome 72 DevTools (source)


JavaScript Getter-Setter pyramid

"The cornerstone of JavaScript is the function. It is a flexible abstraction that works as the basis for other abstractions, such as Promises, Iterables, Observables, and others.
I have been teaching these concepts in conferences and workshops, and over time I have found an elegant summary of these abstractions, layed out in a pyramid. In this blog post I’ll provide a tour through these layers in the pyramid."


The best quotes I read in 2018

In this article Peter Gasston presents the quotes he read this year that he felt were worth saving and sharing. The quotes aren’t necessarily from this year (some of them date back to the 19th Century) but they were new to him.
Most of them, in some way, are linked to technology, which is both pleasure and work to him.