Readings for Lunch — [ 19 Nov 2018 ]

“Mercator projection vs. the true size of countries” (source)


The Wartime Spies Who Used Knitting as an Espionage Tool

“When the German authorities carefully unraveled such a sweater, the story went, they found the wool thread dotted with many knots. By marking a vertical door frame with the letters of the alphabet, spaced an inch apart, the knots could be deciphered as words by measuring the yarn along this alphabet and marking which letters the knots touched.”

This is for you, Konstantin 😉


Alphaputt – We didn’t want to compromise, so we decided to go it alone

As London-based design studio Sennep releases its new mini-golf-meets-typography game Alphaputt, we asked the creators to share eight key moments which defined the project.