Readings for Lunch — [ 25 Jun 2018 ]

Filmmaker daniel mercadante's work: long exposure photography used to capture his partner running with a custom built lighting rig. (source)


50 Shades of Go: traps, gotchas, and common mistakes for new Golang devs

Go is a simple and fun language, but, like any other language, it has a few gotchas…
Many of those gotchas are not entirely Go's fault. Some of these mistakes are natural traps if you are coming from another language.
Others are due to faulty assumptions and missing details.


Talent introductions in tech​

"I do a lot of introductions between talented technologists in my network and trusted companies or (more rarely) external recruiters.
I recently got some feedback that greater transparency in how I connect people would be useful.
Please enjoy (and help me refine!) my current process, as well as some thoughts about how I plan to change this process in the near future."